Domestic Bed Bugs Control Services – Bristol Area

Identify, control and remove bed bug pests

If you have Bed Bug pests in the Bristol area, we can help you identify the Bed Bug problem or control your residential Bed Bug problem.

The Bed Bug around Bristol is becoming more common as people travel more. Bed bugs are often picked up during your stay on holiday or passing through heavy transit locations. These are places like, Hotels, bed and breakfast inns, hostels, on buses, trains, aeroplanes etc.

Fully grown bed bugs are small insects brown in colour and shield shaped. They are flat, oval and have the ability to climb furniture and vertical surfaces. Once infestation occurs they can be very difficult to remove as they live in walls, under floors and deep within crevices. Within 6 months a bed bug infestation can take over a small tenement block, forcing out most other insects.


What can we do to prevent or control your Bed Bug pest problem around your domestic home?

We will utilise the latest solutions for identifying and removing bed bugs from your home, that are safe to humans, babies, pregnant women and pets. This can often be done through a single visit from our bed bug insect specialist pest controller. But we will also provide information and tips to help prevent the return of the bed bug infestation.

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Bed Bugs Pest - Mini Bio
Pest Temperament Parasitic
Pest Width 1.5–3 millimetres
Pest Length 4–5 millimetres
Pest Reproduction Rate 4 eggs per day
Pest Life Span Varies by Species
Pest Starvation Rate 100 to 300 days


Bed Bug Bio

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