Domestic Rat Control – Bristol Area

Control, identify and remove rat pests

Rat pests in the Bristol area are more common than we may think. We can help you identify the rat vermin problem or control your house rat situation.

It is not as uncommon as you might think to hear that a Bristol house has a rat infestation in its cellar or under floor boards. Constantly urinating, rats give off a persistent ammonia and as nocturnal creatures they cause most domestic damage and upset during the night time hours. During the winter months mice and rats will start to move their way in towards the warmth of Bristol domestic residence.

The first thing to do is identify which vermin pest has taken up residence in your home. Sometimes they could be mice or squirrel vermin instead of rats. Rats have litters of up to 7 offspring and live up to about 3 years for brown rats. This is more like 12 months for a black rat. The house rat can carry a variety of disease and as opportunistic pests live near and alongside humans as scavengers. Rats can introduce mites and fleas pests into your home as well as spoil your food supplies and contaminate household work surfaces.


What can we do to prevent or control your rat pest problem around your residential home?

It has been found that the electronic audio device, often used as a deterrent for rodents is not always that effective as the rat can become accustomed to the high pitched noise these devices deliver. Our specialists will identify your rat vermin issue and begin setting rat control procedures and deliver a removal plan that will require a couple of repeat visits to ensure pest removal.

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Rat Pest - Bio (black rat)
Pest Length 32.4 - 46.4cm
Pest Gestation Period 21 – 24 days
Pest Lifespan 1-3 years
Pest Scientific Name Rattus
Pest Problem Disease carrier, flea and mite pest carrier
Pest Special Ability Able to Bite Through a Toenail


Rat Bio

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