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10 Best Tips To Know About Bristol Flea Pest Control

We specialise in flea pest removal in the Bristol area but the top 10 flea tips below are also relevant for fleas in most UK regions

  1. Fleas can arrive on the backs of unexpected guests. Pigeons, seagulls, foxes in the garden.
  2. As weather continues to warm up, Flea pests in the Bristol area are on the increase. The animal hosts that fleas live upon are enjoying longer periods of activity in the warmer weather, which has th knock on effect of helping sustain an increased flea population.
  3. A flea is flat side to side. They have spines that point in one direction making them harder to remove from animal fur.
  4. Flea eggs can hatch almost instantly when they sense nearby heat or vibration.
  5. Flea eggs can lie dormant for up to 2 years waiting for a host to come in close vicinity
  6. Fleas often only jump onto animals for a quick snack. They often then hop back off before the bite is even noticed. So if you see a bite the flea has often already departed. Search pet bedding or material near to where animals sleep.
  7. Fleas can, however, hang around on humans for up to around 24-48 hours.
  8. Fleas will bite and drink their hosts blood and leave tiny pin head sized black blood pooh.
  9. Fleas often feed around the base of a pets tail or the back of its neck. Comb these areas with a flea comb regularly to remove the eggs and fleas.
  10. Regular cleaning of clothes or fabrics will help remove flea populations, eggs and larvae.
  11. Bonus point - fleas can build up a resistance to popular Frontline insecticides very quickly.
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Flea Pest - Bio
Pest Size Tiny, head of a pin
Pest Special Ability Very fast, 12 inch jump
Pest Reproduction 1 week cycle
Pest Life Span 2 to 3 months
Pest Attracted By Warmth, vibration
Pest Habitat Host sleeping areas
Pest Weakness Drown in soapy water


Flea Bio

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