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Domestic Woodworm Pest Control Treatment – Bristol Area

Identify, control and remove woodworm pests

If you think you have a woodworm problem in the Bristol area, we can help you identify woodworm pests or apply treatment control solutions to remove your domestic woodworm problem.

Its obvious that if left untreated, woodworm can seriously damage your Bristol property. During the larvae stages they eat through wood as they emerge from your house beams into adulthood. The eggs are laid in cracks around your home furniture, regardless of quality. The popular rough timber finish, that so many homes go for, is a prime spot for woodworm to lay eggs.

Despite common belief, Bristol woodworm can be regularly found in new build residential property as well as the more obvious older buildings. They leave clusters of nail sized holes in all types of wood around your home. Floorboards, structural beams and even your family furniture. Often damage to these wood items happens without the resident being aware of the woodworm infestation.

A Furniture woodworm beetle is one of the more common Bristol pests, white or cream coloured during its larvae stage. This stage lasts for several years, as they bore holes through timber and property until they reach maturity. At which point they will develop in a chamber within the wood near the surface and emerge through the wood as a beetle.


What can we do to prevent or control your woodworm pest problem around your house?

We offer a professional woodworm property evaluation survey on your home and then provide our Woodworm elimination proposal. Once assessed, a professional protection treatment will be made and sprayed across the infected areas.

Catching the pest infestation early can significantly reduce structural damage to your Bristol home. The treatment cost can vary significantly depending on the stage at which the woodworm infestation in your home has been tackled. We would provide a fully qualified surveyor to complete the full damage and cost assessment.

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Woodworm Pest - Bio (Common Furniture Beetle)
Pest Season May to October
Pest Attracted By Light
Pest Length 3 – 4mm (Adult)
Pest Larva Stage 3 - 5 years
Pest Scientific Name Anobium punctatum
Pest Problem Larvae bore through wood furniture, floors, beams


Woodworm Bio

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